Max Benjamin Candles

Evening guys, todays post is on one of my little treats in life – Max Benjamin Candles.

I was given one of these as a gift a few years ago and ever since I always have one in the apartment. Whether you’re having friends over or just having a nice quiet night in, I adore the fabulous aroma that fills the room when one of these candles are burning, they really help me unwind. The packaging and jar that the candle sits in is gorgeous and what’s even better is they’re made in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. They come in lots of different fragrances but my favourite is the Lemongrass & Ginger – divine!

You can find out more on their website and if you’re stuck for idea’s for Mother’s Day these are perfect!

Clare xox

Max Benjamin


Moroccan Oil

Today’s post isn’t about make-up but about a hair product that I just HAD to share with you all… Moroccan Oil.

I have quite thick, straight hair that I pretty much wear up all the time because of two reasons: 1. I just don’t have the time and I’m too lazy to spend 20 minutes blow drying my hair in the mornings and 2. My hair goes frizzy and horrible when I blow dry it.

However, the last time I got my hair done I asked the hairdresser about this Moroccan Oil I’ve heard so much about but hadn’t tried yet. She said she would use some on me so I could see the results and my god was I sold! She used a small amount rubbed through my hair while it was still damp and then blow dried it normally and the result was fabulous, shiny, silky hair. Now, I wasn’t really sure if it would be the same when I did it at home because I can never get my hair the way they do in the salon but after hearing great things from people who had used it I decided to buy it and give it a go. I’ve used a few different products over the years, from leave in conditioners to serums, in the attempt to get hair like Eva and Cheryl on the L’Oreal ad’s and needless to say they never really worked but the Moroccan Oil did not disappoint. My hair is so much easier to manage after using it. It shines, it’s soft, not frizzy and best of all, it actually dries quicker when blow drying. SCORE!

There’s a full range of products available from shampoo to hairspray and they’re available in various salons around the country including Hermans Hairdressers in Dundrum Town Centre and Sophisticuts Hairdressers in Wicklow Town. Now, be warned, at 38Euro the oil is not cheap but you do only need a tiny amount each time so it will last you for ages and as they say in the ad’s “Because You’re Worth It!” 🙂

Clare xox

Moroccan Oil


The Golden Globes 2012

I couldn’t wait to get up this morning and hit the internet to see what style graced the red carpet last night at the Golden Globes 2012. Last year I was very impressed by the both the dresses and hair and make-up but this year I have to say I’m hard pushed to pick a favourite! The dresses were fabulous and the style was a perfect mix of classic elegance and head turning glamour.

There were a few red lip looks from Diana Argon and Claire Dames but the winner for me was Angelina… she just looked fabulous and we don’t often see her with her hair up but her bun was gorgeous.

There was also plenty of lashes and black liner to be seen from the likes of Rooney Mara, Lea Michele and Sarah Hyland but I think my favourite makeup look of the night was Zooey Deschenal. It just looked amazing with her pale skin, blue eye’s and glossy hair and the fringe just framed her face perfectly!

My favourite overall look of the night I think was Jessica Alba. Her make-up is always flawless and I have to admit I do have a serious girl crush on her but the combination of soft makeup with big lashes and the dress colour was beautiful.


The Golden Globes 2012


Samantha Wills Jewellery Designer

While living in Sydney 7 years ago I first met the gorgeous Samantha Wills. We worked together in retail and as I got to know Sam I realised her loved of all things fashion and her talent for making jewellery. She started out selling her pieces in the Bondi markets and got a real taste for business here. She soon knew this was what she wanted to do and at 20 years of age set her sights at making her statement jewellery business a brand. In 2004 she unveiled her first collection at Australia Fashion Week and hasn’t looked back since.

She is now based between Sydney and New York, flying around the world researching materials and using her travels as inspiration for her work. Her pieces have been worn by the likes of Eva Mendes, Drew Barrymore, Pink, Kate Hudson and Rihanna, to name but a few, and has appeared in the Sex & The City 2 film.

So why is Sam an inspiration to me? She knew what she wanted, loved what she did and went for it. She is still the beautiful, lovely, down to earth girl she was when I first met her and still stays true to what she believes in. I love following her journey and seeing how her business and work progresses and I am so happy for her and her success. I still have my first pair of Samantha Wills earrings I bought from her stall 🙂 . I really admire strong business women who go after their dreams and Sam is definitely one of them.

Below is a tiny example of some of her pieces but to read more about Sam, follow her blog and see her full range go to Be warned though, you’ll want it all and in my opinion every woman should have at least one piece of Samantha Wills in her jewellery box!

Clare xox

samantha wills


Happy Holidays!

2011 was a very busy, exciting year for me and I met so many brilliant and lovely people, from photographers, designers, models and of course all the beautiful brides and their families and friends I had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you all so much for your support over the last year and I wish you all a fabulous and safe Christmas and New Year. I’m really looking forward to what 2012 has to bring and all the new experiences that lie ahead!

Clare xox

Seasons Greetings


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