I would say most of us have Touche Eclat in our make-up bag, I know I have for years. It’s been around forever, is used by make-up artists around the world and is described as a complexion highlighter that gives you radiant looking skin.

However for a long time it was only ever available in Ireland in one colour, N° 1  Luminous Radiance, which is slightly pink and doesn’t really suit some skin tones. So instead of brightening and enhancing the skin it can make it look dull.

The good news… they’re now available here in all 7 shades! They range from N° 1  Luminous Radiance, N° 1.5  Luminous Silk, N° 2  Luminous Ivory, N° 3  Light Peach,  N° 5  Luminous Honey,  N° 6 Luminous Amber and N° 7  Luminous Mocha. So if you’re still using the N° 1 but it just doesn’t seem to be doing you any favours then maybe it’s not the colour for you.

Some of us are not blessed with 18 year old flawless skin so if you have quite bad dark circles under your eye’s then I would use a slightly heavier concealer first and the use the Touche Eclat on top to add that brightness. Be careful not to overload the area though, especially if you have mature skin as too much product can actually have the opposite effect and age you. You can also use it along your cheek bones, down your nose or under your eye brow to add a highlight so have some fun and now with the full range of shades at our finger tips we can have lots! 🙂

Clare xox

Makeup Artist Dublin

Touche Eclat