I was stocking up for my kit in Boots over the weekend and I came across the Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen. Can’t believe I haven’t spotted it before now… must have been shopping with my eye’s closed!

Anyway, I love the Simple products, the cleanser, toner and moisturisers are all great and the eye make-up remover, I think,  is one of the best, I always have it in my kit. It’s cheap, great for all skin types, doesn’t irritate your eye’s and it works. If I’m touching up my own or a clients make-up I usually use it with a Qtip and it removes any mistakes in an instant. However, with the Christmas party season coming up, that means a lot of you will be getting ready on the go, maybe going from the office to the pub or to the Christmas party so you might be re-applying your make-up at the desk so you may not want to lug a bottle and Qtips around with you. If so, this is perfect. It’s small and the nib is brilliant for precision, so if you’re touching up your eyeliner for instance, and make a mistake this will work perfectly.

The downside? It does need to be cleaned after every use to keep it fresh and hygienic so I won’t be giving up my my usual method on a daily basis but it is very handy for those on the run moments when you want convenience.

Clare xox

Simple Eye Makeup Remover