The Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection

I always look forward to seeing what celebrity MAC collaborates with next and this Autumn I’m even more excited because their new collection, which is launched tomorrow, features the iconic Miss Monroe.

The Marilyn Monroe MAC Collection consists of false lashes, mascara, liquid eye liner, liquid brow marker, a brow grooming tool, four eye shadow shades, two kohl eye pencil shades, five shades of lipstick, two Dazzleglass shades, three lip pencil shades, two shades of blush, beauty powder and five shades of nail lacquer. If you’ve always wanted to try the Marilyn look or the red lip she was so famous for then there’s no better time to try it out and just in time for the party season that’s creeping up fast! The collection is beautifully designed in black packaging featuring shots of Marilyn from The Black Sitting, her 1956 session with photographer Milton Greene.

I will definitely be getting my hands on some of these pieces, even just to have and keep.


MAC Marilyn


The Importance Of Exfoliating!

As a makeup artist I’m a firm believer that in order for your make-up to look good you must start with your skin and a very important step is exfoliating. In order for your make-up to sit well and look good you need a smooth canvas and getting rid of those layers of dead skin is a must. I would exfoliate at least once a week and you really do feel the difference afterward.

There are so many different products on the market and some are harsher than others. I would recommend going for something with a finer grain than anything too course or rough as this can actually cause more damage to your skin. You just want something gentle to remove the dead skin and allow the new skin to come through. If you have sensitive skin be very careful as harsh products can irritate your skin so be sure to get one that is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on face scrubs. There are so many really good ones that will last you ages and don’t cost too much. Three of my favourites would be Simple, St Ives and Liz Earle. The Simple scrub is the cheapest of the three and is does the job perfectly but I have to say the other two would be my tops, mainly because the grain is so fine and really works well into the skin and they both smell gorgeous. My skin really feels amazing after an encounter with these two.

So if you don’t exfoliate and you feel your skin is looking dull and lifeless and your make-up just doesn’t sit well or look good then get yourself one of these little must haves and you’ll never look back!

Clare xox

Face Scrubs


Max Benjamin Candles

Evening guys, todays post is on one of my little treats in life – Max Benjamin Candles.

I was given one of these as a gift a few years ago and ever since I always have one in the apartment. Whether you’re having friends over or just having a nice quiet night in, I adore the fabulous aroma that fills the room when one of these candles are burning, they really help me unwind. The packaging and jar that the candle sits in is gorgeous and what’s even better is they’re made in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow. They come in lots of different fragrances but my favourite is the Lemongrass & Ginger – divine!

You can find out more on their website and if you’re stuck for idea’s for Mother’s Day these are perfect!

Clare xox

Max Benjamin


Moroccan Oil

Today’s post isn’t about make-up but about a hair product that I just HAD to share with you all… Moroccan Oil.

I have quite thick, straight hair that I pretty much wear up all the time because of two reasons: 1. I just don’t have the time and I’m too lazy to spend 20 minutes blow drying my hair in the mornings and 2. My hair goes frizzy and horrible when I blow dry it.

However, the last time I got my hair done I asked the hairdresser about this Moroccan Oil I’ve heard so much about but hadn’t tried yet. She said she would use some on me so I could see the results and my god was I sold! She used a small amount rubbed through my hair while it was still damp and then blow dried it normally and the result was fabulous, shiny, silky hair. Now, I wasn’t really sure if it would be the same when I did it at home because I can never get my hair the way they do in the salon but after hearing great things from people who had used it I decided to buy it and give it a go. I’ve used a few different products over the years, from leave in conditioners to serums, in the attempt to get hair like Eva and Cheryl on the L’Oreal ad’s and needless to say they never really worked but the Moroccan Oil did not disappoint. My hair is so much easier to manage after using it. It shines, it’s soft, not frizzy and best of all, it actually dries quicker when blow drying. SCORE!

There’s a full range of products available from shampoo to hairspray and they’re available in various salons around the country including Hermans Hairdressers in Dundrum Town Centre and Sophisticuts Hairdressers in Wicklow Town. Now, be warned, at 38Euro the oil is not cheap but you do only need a tiny amount each time so it will last you for ages and as they say in the ad’s “Because You’re Worth It!” 🙂

Clare xox

Moroccan Oil


Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen

I was stocking up for my kit in Boots over the weekend and I came across the Simple Eye Makeup Corrector Pen. Can’t believe I haven’t spotted it before now… must have been shopping with my eye’s closed!

Anyway, I love the Simple products, the cleanser, toner and moisturisers are all great and the eye make-up remover, I think,  is one of the best, I always have it in my kit. It’s cheap, great for all skin types, doesn’t irritate your eye’s and it works. If I’m touching up my own or a clients make-up I usually use it with a Qtip and it removes any mistakes in an instant. However, with the Christmas party season coming up, that means a lot of you will be getting ready on the go, maybe going from the office to the pub or to the Christmas party so you might be re-applying your make-up at the desk so you may not want to lug a bottle and Qtips around with you. If so, this is perfect. It’s small and the nib is brilliant for precision, so if you’re touching up your eyeliner for instance, and make a mistake this will work perfectly.

The downside? It does need to be cleaned after every use to keep it fresh and hygienic so I won’t be giving up my my usual method on a daily basis but it is very handy for those on the run moments when you want convenience.

Clare xox

Simple Eye Makeup Remover


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