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Last week I managed to steal a couple of hours ‘me’ time and was invited by the lovely Susan in Eden Beauty Group in Wicklow Town to go in and have a treatment. I am a firm believer that beautiful makeup starts with great skin so when a bride-to-be contacts me and books me for their wedding the first thing I recommend is to get in to a good skincare routine, if they don’t already. That includes what they consume through their diet, cutting out smoking, using SPF and generally looking after themselves in the run up to the big day. It doesn’t have to include expensive products but just products that suit their skin and be consistent so that the products have time to work. I also recommend having a treatment or two if possible with a trusted and qualified beautician especially for those who might have some skin concerns. Not only will your skin thank you but you get a few hours to relax and recharge in between the planning madness. Win win in my books!!!


So when Susan suggested I come in to have a microdermabrasion session she didn’t have to ask twice. Eden Beauty Group was established in 2001 and have built their business on expertise, trust and friendship. They are the exclusive distributor for the Casmara SkinCare range in Europe and have a fantastic selection of products and gift packs available in the salon. I’ve been going to Eden for years and had a few treatments there in the run up to my own wedding in 2012 so I know the girls are highly qualified and I always come out feeling pampered and relaxed.


I have had microdermabrasion done in the past so I knew my skin would feel great after it but this time Susan was using a new machine so I was interested to see the results. Some people are scared by the concept and the name but microdermabrasion is ideal for most skin types. It removes the top layers of dead skin cells exposing new brighter skin underneath. It stimulates skin renewal and is great for reducing fine lines, pigmentation and acne scarring. It also removes a layer of sebum so is great for regulating oily skin. Skin will feel much smoother, make up will sit better and you will have a gorgeous glow which makes it an ideal treatment for brides. The strength of the treatment can be altered depending on your skin type so if you have sensitive skin this will be taken in to account.


There are 6 steps to the treatment that takes roughly an hour and Susan has very kindly outlined exactly what she did and used below… (apologies now for the beautiful pictures of my mug at the end!)

  1. Cleanse the face with Casmara green tea cleanser. This contains green tea which is a powerful antioxidant and silk proteins which are very moisturising. This means it is anti ageing and hydrating. It cleanses without stripping skin and can be used all over the face including the eyes. It can also be used on dry skin as an exfoliater and you do not need a toner so it is very multi functional.
  2. Oxy mask was applied on damp skin. This is a foaming mask which penetrates deep into the skin and releases oxygen which stimulates the cells. It makes your skin more reactive to products which means that subsequent products will penetrate more deeply when applied and be more effective.
  3. One pass of micro over the whole face. This can feel a bit weird on the skin. It’s not sore but feels a bit funny with vibration and a tingling sensation on the skin. I found it a little sensitive around the eye area which is where I would be quite sensitive anyway with a lot products and treatments.
  4. Go over the whole face again concentrating on any areas that need extra attention, for example fine lines, pigmentation, scarring etc.
  5. Apply Casmara cold mask. Susan did the Gold mask which contains 24kt gold dust and has a firming, tightening and illuminating effect on the skin. All the masks lower body tempo by 6-8 degrees, reduce puffiness and redness and sooth the skin. They are all marine algae and then different natural ingredients are added – this felt so good on the skin. You can also take the mask home with you to use again which will help the treatment to keep working that bit longer and you can use it to freak out your husband to be.
  6. Removed mask and applied Casmara factor 50 SPF which is non greasy, absorbs easily, is hydrating and make up can be applied over easily.


Susan recommends a course of 4 sessions, a minimum of 1 week apart and the price for one session is €65 or a course of 4 is €200.

I really enjoyed the treatment and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I had some slight redness on the area’s where I would be more sensitive such as the top of my cheeks just under my eye area but this was gone by the next day and all I was left with was baby soft skin. This was just after one treatment so I can only imagine it after a full course! Susan also very kindly gave me a Casmara Shine Stop mark to try at home.

I haven’t had a chance to use it yet (thanks to the two little people in my life who have my days kept very busy – a face mask is the last thing on my to-do list) but I’ll be trying it out very soon and will let you know how I get on with it.


If you’re interested in learning more about microdermabrasion or any other treatments then get in touch with Susan or any of the girls on 0404 61295 and they’d be happy to have a chat with you and talk you through the right treatment for you and your skin or click here to see the full range of treatments they offer.



MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

I was first introduced to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural on Zoe Clarks Bridal Course ( and it’s become my everyday make-up since then. I’ve never been a girl who wears lots of make-up on a daily basis, as I like to let my skin breath as much as possible but then also like a little coverage to hide any imperfections so this suited me perfectly. While the MAC Face & Body would be my ‘going out’ or ‘special occasion’ foundation, this is my ‘day to day’, ‘can’t live without’ foundation.

The first thing that I love about it is the fact that you can use as little or as much as you like to achieve the coverage you want. I would say that its really a light to medium coverage product as if you go too heavy you run the risk of it looking cakey. I use it with my MAC kabuki brush (182) which allows you to really buff it in and get a flawless finish which looks like you have nothing on at all.

They don’t have a huge range of colours (there are 8, ranging from ‘Light’ to ‘Dark’) and I have 2, the ‘Light’ and the ‘Meduim’ which I use on their own or mix up depending on whether I have a bit of a tan or not. The other great thing about it, is it can also be used over your normal foundation as a powder or the darker ones can be used as a bronzer so it’s very multi-functional which is good on your purse! It last for ages too, I only replaced mine a few weeks ago after almost a year, so for 27Euro it’s great value.

I found it doesn’t irritate my skin at all either, in fact I think it’s actually helped improve my skin since using it and I get quite shiny along my ‘T’ Zone so it’s great for mattifying the skin too. The MSN would also work great for summer brides who might be getting married away in the sun and need something that won’t melt away or cake your skin.

Overall I just love this product and would highly recommend it especially as the summer approaches and you might want something lighter to wear.

Clare xox

mac skinfinish natural


Beautiful Skin for Christmas!

I’ve always been pretty strict on my skin care so I always cleanse, tone and moisturise to keep my skin looking as good as it can. Over the years I’ve tried LOTS of different products, some worked and some didn’t and I have a few favourites. However, about 2 years ago a friend of mine, Laura, introduced me to Liz Earle and my skin has never been the same since! I started using her cleanse and polish and fell in love with it instantly!

Apart from the fact that the packaging is just beautiful (I’m a real sucker for gorgeous packaging!!!!), the product itself is divine. It’s basically a cream cleanser that you massage onto your face and then wipe off with a warm muslin cloth. The smell is fab and the muslin cloth gently exfoliates your skin as well as removing makeup and dirt leaving your skin feeling soft and not tight or dry like some face washes. I also bought the moisturiser which I use at night and and the toner smells amazing too. I’ve recommended it to lots of my friends all searching for a great cleaners that won’t irritate their skin and they have all loved it!!!!

At the moment the only place which stocks Liz Earle are Wilde & Green in Milltown in Dublin but you can order online at They have the most beautiful gift sets which come all packed up in a lovely box, wrapped in tissue and with a little note, and depending on how much you’ve spent, a little free gift too! They are very reasonably priced so if you’re stuck for Christmas idea’s for your friends or family, these are ideal! They deliver very quickly too which is great. They also do little trial kits so you can try out some of the products rather than having to buy the large bottles or I love them for when I go on holidays and want to save on space. I bought the hand wash (which will NOT be going in the bathroom for everyday use 🙂 ) and hand cream last week as a treat and I think I’m in love!

Happy cleansing!

Clare xox


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