If the eye’s are the window to the soul then the eyebrows are the beautiful drapes that decorate them and make them even more interesting!

It was my first year in college and I finally discovered tweezers – thank god! They quickly became a very important part of my beauty regime and I couldn’t live without them now. I love eyebrows! They frame a face and give it so much character. They can transform how a woman looks in an instant and although trends come and go in terms of shape and sizes I much prefer strong, fuller nicely shaped brows like the selection of gorgeous ladies below. Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favourite icons and her eyebrows played such a big part in her image and style.

If you’ve never had you’re eyebrows shaped before I would recommend going to a professional for the first time. There are a few different methods of having your brows shaped, you can go for waxing, threading or tweezing. Personally, I’ve only ever done my own brows so I’ve only used a tweezers and don’t have any first hand experience of threading or waxing. But a beautician will give you the perfect shape for your face and show you how far to groom them so that you have a natural looking brow.

If you are doing them yourself here is a guide to where your brow should begin, arch and finish.

There are also a few points you should keep in mind…

1. Eyebrows should follow the line of the bone just above your eyes

2. High arches open up the eyes but be careful not to pluck too much away or it will give you an overly ‘surprised’ look that might never grow back

3. When tweezing, grab each hair at the root and quickly yank in the direction of hair growth, one at a time

4. You can use a toothbrush or a clean mascara wand to brush the hairs in to the desired shape

5. Plucking can cause redness so I would suggest doing so after your shower when the hair follicle is open and the hair can be removed more easily and maybe at night so the redness will be gone by morning. If you do need to pluck before you venture out and there is some redness you can use an ice cube on the area to calm it down or a little concealer should do the trick!

Just keep in mind, you only really want to remove the stray hairs and tidy the area defining the brow, so don’t get too carried away!

Happy Tweezing xox