With Valentines Day just around the corner the colour red will be making an appearance in the form of heart covered cards, flowers and chocolate boxes so I thought I’d keep with the theme and talk about red lipstick. So many women would love to try a red lip once in a while but are either too scared to wear something different or don’t really know what shade to go for. Some women however, like Gwen Stefani or Imeda May, are known for their bright red lips and have it perfected!

So where to start? Well the biggest fear I think we have when it comes to wearing a red lip is whether or not it will make our teeth will look orange. There is a basic rule which will help you avoid making this mistake and that is, stay away from red lipsticks with an orange undertone and choose ones that have a blue undertone to it. It sounds very technical but it’s actually not. If you test a few reds on the back of your hand you’ll be able to see the difference. If you’re still not sure just try a few shades on and you’ll soon be able to tell which ones work for you. If you look at the pics below, the shade Jessica Alba (top left) is wearing is an orange red but the colour Anne Hathaway (top right) is wearing is a blue red.

Below are some famous faces wearing red lipstick to show you just how it can be worn with different complexions and hair colour. Some red haired ladies would never attempt a red lip but as you can see, Nicola Roberts looks amazing because she has gone for a darker (blue) red shade.

Another reason I find some ladies stay away from the red is maybe they feel they don’t have a full lip that can carry it off. However, if you keep the rest of your make-up simple, go for a shade that really suits you and add a little gloss to give the illusion of a fuller lip, I think red can look amazing on just about everyone!

So if you’ve always wanted to give it a go what better excuse than the most romantic time of year!

Happy Experimenting!

Clare xox

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